Automated digital Assistant
Beauty Bot

Driving sales and customer retention in the

Increased Brand consistency

Build trust between you and your customers and ensure consistent communication 

Gather Customer Insights

Capture and analyse customers aspirations and desires during their conversion point

Create Targeted Offers

Drive and influence clients purchasing decisions through automated campaigns

Increase customer insights on conversion point 

What drives your customers to purchase

It is essencial that retailers have deeper knowledge about their customers conversion point. What do your customers want to know about the product when deciding a purchase.
With improved customer insights about what drives the purchasing process retailers can improve their communication and most importantly increase sales through efficient targeting

Advanced learning cycle

As your customers interact with our Bot, it interprets what they are asking for and responds appropriately. Unlike other systems, our Beauty Bot is self learning, meaning it will learn with user feedback, and also it self calibrates based on several sofisticated Machine Learning algorithms we implement.

Continuous learning enables us to provide a highly inovative approach by adapting our responses to changing market conditions and understanding local differences. Adaptation will enable brands to be more dynamic and tailor answers to customer nuances, regional looks and seasonal changes. Therefore increase sales and target customers more efficiently.

Assisting brands with improved knowledge of their customers through facial recognition while simplifying purchasing process 

Information we are able to acquire can be transformed into actionable data, increasing satisfaction and sales.
An online dashboard will provide brands with detailed insights about your clients. Knowledge about their conversion points:
What they are searching for, what words are they using and most importantly how to be more effective communicating your products and services

We were proudly invited by H-FARM, a leader in fashion and retail acceleration, to work together with leading brands like kiko Milano, Adidas, Percassi and Miroglio

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